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Tartans Playing in College

Nineteen of St. Margaret's 2023 graduates are playing intercollegiate athletics this year and join the 333 alumni who have played on the athletic programs at prestigious colleges and universities across the country.
Name Sport   College
Jackson Adelman Cross Country / Track & Field   Williams College
Natasha Afshar Soccer   University of California, Irvine
Shane Aitken Volleyball   University of California, Irvine
Hilary Albers Sailing   Purdue University
Fernando Almejo Soccer   University of La Verne
Nick Amoukhteh Football   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Regan Anderson Lacrosse   University of Michigan
Abbey Arnold Softball   Miami of Ohio University
Amber Arnold Softball   Miami of Ohio University
Monica Arreola Softball   Colgate University
Brian Askew Football   Pomona College
Melody Aviles Volleyball   Biola University
Marissa Balak Volleyball   Columbia University
Erin Balak Volleyball   Davidson College
Yuki Bannai Golf   Pitzer College
Natalie Barbaresi Soccer   Pomona College
Alexa Barbaresi Soccer   Trinity College
Elizabeth Barbaresi Soccer   Washington University in St. Louis
Maddie Barkate Lacrosse   Harvard University
Aaron Bately Swimming/ Water Polo   Claremont McKenna College
Andrew Batley Swimming/ Water polo   Harvey Mudd College
Chris Bauer Lacrosse   University of California, Santa Barbara
Charlie Beall Football   Stanford University
Gabrielle Benck Volleyball   Colgate University
Gracyn Benck Volleyball   The College of the Holy Cross
Polly Bendush Volleyball   Duke University
Allison Bendush Volleyball   Harvard University
Emma Bernstein Soccer Emory University
Lisa Beville Volleyball   Fordham University
Owen Binder Lacrosse   Dickinson College
John Blaney Swimming   Harvard University
Liesel Blau Soccer   Swarthmore College
Emily Boone Lacrosse   University of Southern California
Jake Bradley Baseball   Willamette University
Shawn Brazeau Football   University of Redlands
Paul Brenneman Cross Country   Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Paul Brenneman Track & Field   Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Molly Brooks Tennis   Lehigh University
Ryan Brunswick Football   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stephanie Brunswick Soccer   Tufts University
Jenny Busch Track & Field/ Volleyball   Chapman University
Brent Cahill Basketball   California Institute of Technology
Dan Campaigne Lacrosse   Santa Clara University
Deborah Campaigne Lacrosse/ Basketball   Whittier College
Mark Campaigne Lacrosse   Loyola Marymount University
Calvin Capelle Cross Country/ Track & Field   Bates College
Andi Carnell Cross Country   Boston College
Keegan Carnell Golf   Tufts University
Gabby Carpenter Crew   Colby College
Jeff Carpenter Swimming   Colby College
Ashlee Caruana Lacrosse   Rhodes College
Kevin Caruana Lacrosse   Colorado College
Campbell Case Lacrosse   Johns Hopkins University
Cami Cassinelli Soccer   University of California, Berkeley
Anthony Cecere Golf   Pepperdine University
Grace Chalmers Soccer   Trinity College
Bryce Chan Soccer   New York University
Matt Chapman Crew   Orange Coast College
Tiffany Cheng Tennis   Bowdoin College
Hayden Chester Lacrosse
Monmouth University
Riley Chester Lacrosse
Monmouth University
Sebastien Chicas Lacrosse
Virginia Military Institute
Adam Chilvers Golf   Rollins College
Jason Chin Lacrosse   California State University, Fullerton
Dean Chong Soccer   Swarthmore College
Jalyn Chun Volleyball   California Lutheran University
Chelsie Churchill Track & Field   Brown University
Lauren Ciccomascolo Lacrosse   Denver University
Bailey Clark Lacrosse   Union College
Cedric Cole Track & Field   Chapman University
Dylan Cormac Basketball Franklin & Marshall College
Spencer Corwin Cross Country   Whitman College
Aaron Courdy Track & Field   University of California, Santa Barbara
Kevin Cox Lacrosse   United States Air Force Academy
Ryan Cragun Football   University of Pennsylvania/ U.C.L.A.
Dalan Cragun Football   Washington University in St. Louis
Blake Crawley Soccer   Trinity College
Kendra Davidson Soccer   Emerson College
Ashley Davis Cheerleading   University of Oklahoma
Macey Davis Cheerleading   University of Oklahoma
Josh Davis Football   Lafayette College
Shelby Deck Volleyball   Trinity College
Fernando Delgado Lacrosse   Villanova University
Jordan Denes Lacrosse   McDaniel College
Robert Deng Golf   Harvard University
William Desmond Crew   University of Oregon
Scott DeYoung Track & Field   University of Southern California
Katie Donahue Soccer   Stanford University
Ryan Downey Cross Country/ Track & Field   College of William & Mary
Alex Dreyer Soccer   Southern Methodist University
Matthew Duenes Lacrosse   United States Air Force Academy
Michael Duenes Lacrosse   United States Air Force Academy
Sam Dunnell Football   San Diego State
Shane Dzwilewski Lacrosse   Bellarmine University
Scott Edgcomb Lacrosse   Georgetown University
Hunter Edington Lacrosse   Manhattan College
R.J. Egdorf Soccer   Santa Clara University
James Eidt Football   Lake Forrest College
John Elwis Baseball   University of Richmond
Payton Fales Lacrosse   Colby College
Nick Falshaw Football   Washington University in St. Louis
Dorian Farhang Lacrosse   University of California, Berkeley
Corey Fava Basketball   Roger Williams University
David Field Soccer   Emmanuel College
Emerson Flornes Volleyball   University of Pennsylvania
Seth Forstot Lacrosse Rhodes College
James Frahm Golf   Lafayette College
Jean Freeman Basketball/ Soccer   Carleton College
Jimmy Freeman Golf   Bucknell University
Taylor Freitas Football   Lake Forest College
Jeff Frum Baseball   Pomona Pitzer College
Miah Gallegos Soccer   University of Cincinnati
Jacob Garrett Track & Field   United States Naval Academy
Billy Gaudreau Cross Country/ Track & Field   Harvard University
Chris Gaudreau Cross Country   Pepperdine University
T.C. Geach Baseball   Creighton University
Jamison Gee Swimming   University of Southern California
Nick Geller Water Polo   California State University Maritime Academy
Sarah Gencarella Soccer   Wheaton College
Cole Gennrich Soccer   Johns Hopkins University
Monica Girard Volleyball   Lehigh University
Nick Gitter Cross Country/ Track & Field   Tufts University
Ryan Gooding Cross Country/ Track & Field   Haverford College
Gracie Gordon Track & Field   Davidson College
Robbie Graham Cross Country   Colby College
Nicole Greuel Softball   Rhodes College
Kevin Groeninger Lacrosse   Bryant University
Matt Groeninger Lacrosse Bryant University
Evan Guerrero Lacrosse   Lehigh University
Christina Hallenbeck Soccer   Dartmouth College
Emily Hallenbeck Volleyball   Dartmouth College
Erik Hallenbeck Soccer   University of Pennsylvania
Florrie Hallenbeck Equestrian   University of Pennsylvania
Conrad Hampson Lacrosse   Colby College
Zane Handy Lacrosse   Illinois Institute of technology
Jack Hanna Tennis United States Military Academy, West Point
Matt Hansen Football   Principia College
Ryan Harnisch Lacrosse   University of Denver
Samuel Harnisch Lacrosse   University of Denver
Audrey Harrington Tennis   Lehigh University
Christina Hart Soccer   University of Pennsylvania
Kristin Helms Cross Country/ Basketball   Whittier College
Russ Hennings Football   Lake Forest College
Ethan Hill Volleyball   University of California, Los Angeles
Jake Hines Football   Amherst College
Savannah Holte Volleyball   Brown University
Jordan Hopper Volleyball   Juniata College
Parker Hogan Football   University of California, Los Angeles
Tyler Horgan Basketball   Chapman University
Claire Hosinski Basketball   Westmont College
Haley Hunsaker Cross Country   St. Mary's College
Brittany Hunsaker Soccer   Villanova University
Alastair Hurry Tennis   Villanova University
Colin Johnson Crew   Claremont McKenna College
Ellie Jones Lacrosse   Kenyon College
Charlotte Jones Soccer   Bates College
Carley Jordan Golf   Carnegie Mellon University
Kyle Juergens Football   Boise State University
Ashley Kang Diving   University of Chicago
Christine Kao Cheerleading   Northwestern University
Kaitlin Kao Volleyball   University of California, Los Angeles
Maggie Kaplan-Paliwoda Lacrosse   Meredith College
Grace Karstetter Lacrosse Johns Hopkins University
Kevin Keegan Swimming   Claremont McKenna College
Will Kenner Football   Cornell University
Courtney Kent Soccer   Georgetown University
Joe Kettler Basketball   University of Alaska at Anchorage
Monique Kettler Volleyball   University of Portland
Sara Kettler Basketball/ Volleyball   Lewis and Clark College
Anne Kircher Crew   University of Pennsylvania
Natalie Kowal Tennis   Lewis and Clark College
George Krantz Football   University of Chicago
Nick Krantz Football   Washington University in St. Louis
Kevin Krouse Crew   St. Mary‚Äôs College
Nick Kuljis Lacrosse   University of Colorado Boulder
Spencer Kushner Golf   College of William and Mary
Lauren Lam Lacrosse   Hofstra University
Catherine Landaas Tennis   Westmont College
Ligaya Lange Cross Country   University of Southern California
Ligaya Lange Track & Field   University of Southern California
Alex Lanham Football   Baylor University
Audrey Larson Lacrosse   Union College
Tain Lee Golf   Claremont McKenna College
Alexis Leon Soccer   University of California, San Diego
Makena Lim Volleyball   University of Georgia
Ryan Limb Volleyball   New York University
Dane Lind Soccer   Amherst College
Drew Lind Soccer   Boston University
Makenna Lizarde Track & Field Chapman University
Auston Locke Football   University of California, Berkeley
Enrique Loya Wrestling   Trinity College
Sebastian Luna Cross Country   Claremont Mckenna College
Nolan Lynch Lacrosse   Gettysburg College
Amy Magill Soccer   Bates College
Andrew Maita Lacrosse   Washington and Lee University
Cameron Manor Lacrosse   United States Military Academy, West Point
Mitch Marmelstein Basketball   Grove City College
McKenna Marmelstein Soccer   Biola University
Ibrahim Marouf Volleyball   Harvard University
John Martin Rowing   Dartmouth College
Max Martinez Football   Carnegie Mellon University
Minka Martinez Lacrosse   Penn State University
Katie Massrey Crew   Villanova University
Chrissie Massrey Softball   Tufts University
Bobby Masters Football   San Jose State
Lauren McCaffrey Soccer   Northwestern University
Scott McGowan Lacrosse   University of Denver
Collette McLaughlin Softball   Fairfield University
Peighton McRobie Volleyball   Colgate University
Andrew Miehe Baseball   University of Pennsylvania
Niki Miles Lacrosse   University of Pennsylvania
Brandon Miller Lacrosse   Queens University of Charlotte
Emily Miller Volleyball   Brown University
Hayley Miller Tennis   University of Southern California
Olivia Miller Soccer   Middlebury College
Piper Miller Golf   Stanford University
Rob Miltner Basketball   DePauw University
Willy Miyamoto Soccer   Stanford University
Emily Moore Volleyball   New York University
Gigi Morally Volleyball   New York University
Drew Moreland Soccer   Colby College
Sager Moritzky Basketball   Macalester College
Kayla Mortizky Basketball   Swarthmore College
Andy Morrison Lacrosse   Towson University
Brady Moseley Volleyball   Colby College
David Mothander Football   Harvard University
James Mott Football   The University of Chicago
Claire Mullen Cross Country/ Track & Field   University of Puget Sound
Noelani Murayama Lacrosse   University of California, Berkeley
Annika Nagy Soccer   Wesleyan University
Keyon Namdar Soccer   Pomona College
Erin Newman Track & Field   University of San Diego
Brett Nicholas Crew   Dartmouth College
Matt Nicholas Volleyball   Princeton University
Justin O'Donnell Soccer Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Ryan O'Hare Football   Kenyon College
Zoe Oedekerk Tennis   Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Izzy Oedekerk Tennis   Chapman University
Julia Olosky Soccer Northeastern University
Nick Ostlund Football   University of Pennsylvania
Anne Otterbein Soccer   Emory University
Sarah Paddon Cross Country/ Track & Field   Davidson College
Erika Page Volleyball   Lewis and Clark College
Hutch Parker Football   University of San Diego
McCaully Patch Soccer   Occidental College
Sophie Payne Soccer   Oberlin College
Trevor Peay Lacrosse   Marquette University
Roger Penske Soccer   University of Rhode Island
Parker Phillips Golf   Bucknell University
Oriana Poindexter Swimming   Princeton University
Mitchell Pok Lacrosse   University of California, Berkeley
Stuart Pollard Lacrosse   The College of the Holy Cross
Thalia Pollard Lacrosse Chapman University
Brandon Price Cross Country/ Track & Field   Harvard University
Cameron Price Swimming   Dartmouth College
Colin Price Cross Country/ Track & Field   Harvard University
Johnny Quinn Track & Field   University of California, Los Angeles
Woody Quinn Football   The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Woody Quinn Volleyball   Pepperdine University
Damian Raibon Basketball   University of San Francisco
Kelly Ramm Gymnastics   Stanford University
Mary Raymund Equestrian   Baylor University
Grant Reindl Golf   University of San Diego
Will Reinkensmeyer Lacrosse   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jacob Robison Cross Country/ Track & Field   Claremont McKenna College
Kendall Robison Volleyball   Haverford College
Robert Rojas Swimming   University of Virginia
Jack Ruff Football The University of Chicago
Nicole Ryu Softball   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eileen Sadati Volleyball   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nicole Sady-Kennedy Soccer   Claremont McKenna
Jeff Schafer Basketball   Westmont College
Colin Schaffer Soccer   Carnegie Mellon University
Jamie Schiffer Soccer   Boston University
Caroline Sele Volleyball Clemson University
Nick Shanks Lacrosse   Tufts University
Tracy Sherman Softball   University of Virginia
Andrew Shin Lacrosse   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cameron Shirangi Football   Pitzer College
Zach Shor Lacrosse   University of California, Berkeley
Aiden Smith Track & Field   Seattle University
Alex Smith Baseball   United States Naval Academy
Derek Smith Football   San Diego State
Hunter Smith Baseball   Bentley University
Tyler Smith Golf   University of Southern California
Jack Stahl Lacrosse Princeton University
Will Stahl Lacrosse College of the Holy Cross
Hunter Steffien Football   Colgate University
Katie Stephens Rowing   University of Virginia
Brandon Suchand Lacrosse   Grand Canyon University
Emily Suh Lacrosse   Embry-RIddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach FL
Erik Suh Lacrosse   St. John's University
Elise Talley Tennis   Swarthmore College
Quenten Talley Swimming   Georgia Tech University
Kaitlin Tam Basketball Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Celeste Taylor Track & Field The University of Chicago
Susie Teitsworth Volleyball   Bucknell University
Lillian Thomas Volleyball   Northern Arizona University
Koa Todd Lacrosse   University of Utah
Makai Todd Lacrosse Drexel University
Nicholas Totah Lacrosse   Chapman University
Will Travis Cross Country/ Track & Field   Washington and Lee University
Suzie Trimble Volleyball   Harvard University
Milana Trimino Equestrian   Texas Christian University
Brian Vail Soccer   Lehigh University
Christopher Vartanian Football   Washington University in St. Louis
Isabelle Vartanian Rowing University of California, San Diego
Alexandra Vollero Cheerleading   Northwestern University
Jessie Warren Diving   University of Southern California
Makaela Weeda Volleyball   Amherst College
Ashley Werk Soccer   Azusa Pacific University
Eric Westendorf Football   Wiitenberg University
Ryan Westendorf Football   Harvard University
Harrison White Baseball   Yale University
Leslie Wiekamp Volleyball   Long Beach State
Chase Williams Lacrosse   Haverford College
Chaz Williams Baseball   California Lutheran University
John Williams Swimming   College of the Holy Cross
Annie Wilson Softball   Colby College
Taryn Wilson Track & Field   Case Western Reserve University
Valerie Wu Track & Field   Seattle University
Kevin Yamada Lacrosse   University of California, Santa Cruz
Cailin Young Lacrosse   San Diego State University
Jack Young Football   Southern Methodist University
Marissa Young Lacrosse   Lafayette College
Paul Zaich Swimming   Stanford University
Sylvia Zaich Swimming   Northwestern University
Jessica Zavalza Soccer   University of Houston
Heather Zusman Crew   Trinity College
Nick Zusman Crew   University of California, Berkeley

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