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St. Margaret’s prioritizes student health and wellness, including fitness and social and emotional well-being, through a network of support systems and services. Comprehensive athletics and personal fitness and wellness programs include physical education, team and individual sports, individualized fitness programs led by expert coaches for athletes and a health and human development curriculum. Student wellness programs on campus also include the Learning and Enrichment Center providing academic learning support, three full-time school counselors, a Peer Counselors program, spirituality and Chapel program, a state-of-the-art Health Center managed and staffed by full-time registered nurses, and a nutritious and healthy daily Hot Lunch program with a variety of food choices and dietary considerations.

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  • Health Center

    St. Margaret’s Health Center (Nurses’ Office) is a spacious, state-of-the-art health care facility custom-designed to support the daily health needs of all St. Margaret's students, provide care for potentially ill and contagious individuals, as well as to monitor and track the health of the entire community. The Center includes a "well" area with a dedicated entrance to care for students with non-infectious health matters: bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes, daily medications, care for individual conditions, like diabetes, and provide emotional support. A separate area is reserved to care for individuals with potentially contagious illnesses and features a negative-pressure isolation room.

    The Health Center, open school days 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., is managed and staffed every day by a team of two full-time registered nurses, and overseen by the Assistant Head of School for Health and Wellness. The team collectively holds a wide array of clinical skills, including advanced assessment and triage skills, experience in social-emotional health, and expertise in acute care and infectious disease protocols.

    The Health Center directs and oversees school health policies and programs and serves a pivotal role in providing expertise on school health services and health education. The lead school nurse serves as a liaison between the school professional community members, family, local health agencies and healthcare providers to manage and advocate for health care needs and a healthy environment.
    St. Margaret's full-time certified athletic trainer is also a member of the student health and wellness team, and supports the Athletics program, specifically. The trainer responds to athletic injuries and is trained to evaluate head injuries and potential concussions. He is on campus daily during the school day until the last team ends practice or a game. When needed, the athletic trainer travels with teams to away games.
    Our caring and dedicated team of medical professionals are uniquely qualified and committed to serve student health, safety and well-being, our school's highest priority. They consult with each other, log every student visit to the office, communicate with parents and monitor ongoing situations and recurring student needs.  
  • Learning and Enrichment Center

    As part of the St. Margaret’s Student Support Services Team, the Learning and Enrichment Center offers a variety of services to students in all grade levels. Through a partnership with the Center for Learning, a team of school psychologists and educational therapists can provide support in the form of Student Study Team meetings, neuropsychological/psycho-educational assessment on a fee-basis, Academic Support Plans as well as communication with the student’s teachers and parents. Educational therapy on a fee-for-service basis is available both for those students who will benefit from enrichment in an area of strength and for those students in need of support. Our goal is to provide the best academic support for the student in order to achieve an optimal education experience.
  • Lunch Program

    St. Margaret’s Hot Lunch program provides healthy and delicious food choices that contribute to the overall health of the child. Food selections from organic, gluten free, vegetarian and health-centered food groups are provided for the child. Our school believes that healthy food choices promote overall healthy cognitive learning and physical well-being.
  • Peer Counselors

    St. Margaret’s Peer Counseling program promotes the health, well-being and safety of all our students through peer education. Peer Counselors are Upper School students carefully selected and trained through an application process to act as helpers and active listeners to work with students in Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. Peer Counselor training addresses current social-emotional issues addressing skill building in communication, problem-solving and decision-making. The focus of the curriculum is preventative, using a wide variety of educational material. The results of this program provide a more positive, healthier and safer school climate.
  • Personal Fitness and Wellness Program

    St. Margaret’s personal fitness and wellness program improves strength and endurance, reduces anxiety and stress, increases self-esteem, and promotes overall health in our students. We promote physical activity through a comprehensive program that includes required personal fitness and wellness classes for all students, intramural sports, 24 sports in the Upper School and a variety of Lower School after-school programs. We ensure that health and physical education is provided to all students in all grades taught by qualified personal fitness and wellness teachers.
  • School Counselor

    The School Counselor role is to provide professional, trained and confidential assistance to students who seek and/or desire guidance with their own personal and emotional development. Division education support programs and activities have been established as part of a comprehensive wellness plan. Counseling is offered on an individual basis or group settings. Students may be self-referred to the counseling office or initiated by faculty and/or parental recommendation. The counseling role adheres to the utmost confidentiality standards of the counseling profession.
  • Spiritual Education

    Our Episcopal tradition is deep rooted in our spiritual educational programs providing enriching experiences at all division levels through Chapel, religion classes, retreats and guidance from our many Chaplains on staff in partnership with our sister organization, St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church. Parent prayer groups are offered weekly and parents are welcome to attend division Chapel services and traditional services provided through the year. St. Margaret’s Episcopal School and Church welcome families of all faiths and traditions which provide a rich and rewarding experience for all of our students.
  • Student and Parent Education

    Student and parent educational programs are offered throughout the year through various formats that include: professional speakers, educational films, parenting programs, student advisory programs, gender specific talks, grade level talks, and division and school-wide assemblies. Parents are encouraged to participate in the educational resources provided to our community that contribute to the overall health and wellness of the family.
St. Margaret’s Episcopal School is committed to supporting the health and wellness education and development of our students, faculty and school community by increasing awareness, promoting positive lifestyles, and integrating comprehensive practices to achieve optimal health. Health and well-being play an essential role in the academic and overall development and success of students. We believe in nurturing the mind, body and spirit of each child by in part providing health awareness education, a safe and healthy environment and the tools necessary to grow and flourish. We believe that a healthy school culture teaches students to value and prioritize their own mental, physical and emotional health that will foster and advance their quality of life.

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Non-Discrimination Policy
St. Margaret's Episcopal School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation or national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admission, financial aid, hiring and athletic policies or in other school-administered programs.