Students Immerse in Disney's Soundtrack Sessions Blending Harmony Between Education and Musicianship

Guided by Disney music professionals, Middle and Upper School band and orchestra students attended a workshop where they honed fundamental skills.
In a transformative session, 64 Middle and Upper School band and orchestra students immersed themselves in Disney's Soundtrack Sessions at Disney’s Imagination Campus located outside Disneyland. 

Guided by Disney music professionals, the workshop honed fundamental skills and delved into the emotional nuances of music, offering insights into the expectations of professional musicianship. Students were exposed to how a professional musician is measured. They learned that an expert must be totally dedicated to honing one’s skill on their instrument. They must be proficient in rhythm, tone, intonation, and able to play in all key signatures.  Furthermore, a musician must be able to sight read on the spot.  They must be flexible, make corrections quickly, and work well with a team. These insights offer students the opportunity to shape their goals as they further develop their skills.

Students were professional musicians in a film studio for a day. They participated in rehearsing music pieces with an industry professional, recording the music played on their instruments (strings, brass, winds, percussion, piano) with a sound engineer, and finally syncing the audio up to Disney video footage. 

Orchestra Director, Linling Hsu, remarks, “I personally think it’s an invaluable experience for our students to put their music skills to the test and to step into the shoes of a professional studio musician for a day.  For many, it was an eye-opening experience.”

Held in a professional recording studio environment, the students collaborated with industry experts to create a magical ensemble piece. Students played the Disney logo theme song, “Flight to Wakanda” from Black Panther, and “Simba Ascends” from The Lion King. The crescendo of the workshop featured a screening of their recorded work synchronized with Disney film footage, leaving a lasting impression and fueling their passion for music. 

Disney's Soundtrack Sessions became a pivotal experience for these budding musicians, blending education with the enchantment of a professional musical journey.
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