English IV Students Unwrap East Asian Literature With Fortune Cookies

From classroom to kitchen, Upper School students in English IV: Modern East Asian Literature bake cookies with "fortune" writings of great philosophers.
Upper School students in English IV: Modern East Asian Literature took their lesson from classroom to kitchen by baking fortune cookies and including writings of great philosophers inside the cookie.

Kimberly Kim’s English class is studying the philosophy of Taoism and Confucius.  As part of the unit, the students went down to the Early School’s Demonstration Lab and baked fortune cookies, including the writings of these great philosophers inside the cookies while Early School students observed. The ‘fortunes’ included in cookies were compiled by students and directly quoted the writings from philosophers on one side, and made a toddler-friendly version on the other.  

A few of the quotes students used were from Lao Tsu, Chinese philosopher credited with the philosophical system of Taoism:

Zoe Reynolds version of: “Let them find pleasure in their food and beauty in their clothes” was translated into an Early School version: “Be content and grateful for the things you have.”
Ellen Pierce used “Learning without thinking is labor lost; thinking without learning is perilous.” and rephrased it for an ES students version “It is not good to just memorize things, know what you're thinking about.”

“The students had a delightful time baking cookies and passing on their newfound knowledge to the Early Schoolers. They had so much fun that they are eager to return for another activity,” said Ms. Kim. 
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