Sophomore Evan Lee to Compete in USA Junior Math Olympiad

St. Margaret’s sophomore Evan Lee qualified to compete in the USA Junior Math Olympiad, one of just 230 students invited to take part in the elite math competition for students grades 10 and younger.

Evan will take part in the USAJMO competition next week.

Evan qualified by posting high scores on two math exams. In February, he scored among the top 2.5 percent out of thousands of students in the AMC 10, a 75-minute test that consists of 25 difficult math questions. He then took the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), a 15-problem test that takes three hours to complete. Evan was one of the top scorers on the AIME as well and received an invitation to compete in the USAJMO.

The USAJMO competition is a 9-hour test that consists of just six math problems. Spread out over two days, Evan will have 4 ½ hours to work on three problems each day.

The top performers in the USAJMO may qualify for the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program, an intensive three-week program held at Carnegie Mellon University in June.
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