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Bring Your Own Device

We all learn differently. Although universally accepted and understood, the challenge for educators and schools is to provide opportunities for students to recognize their learning style and also deliver the educational experience in a spectrum of methods that make learning accessible and comfortable. While practical limitations can make this a challenge, technology is a tool that is well served to meet this need. The Upper School employs a B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) technology philosophy to help create that landscape where learning is available for all students. Clearly, when students are already comfortable with their device, frustration is limited and time and energy can be directed toward learning. Our students may choose an IPad, a tablet from another provider, a Surface, or a full laptop based on their needs and preferences. Factors like “consuming” versus “producing”, number crunching capability, ease of mobility, cost, screen definition all play a role in student choice.
We do expect each student to have a device, with greater functionality than a phone, with them at school each day. Most standard devices will be capable of scheduling, note taking, accessing on line resources and managing any specific tools the faculty feel would aid the student. One observation that may be helpful is that many students move to a more powerful machine as they move through Upper School and they find their “consumer”/ “producer” needs change. So, if you have not purchased a device or are in the replacement cycle, you may find that information and observation helpful.
Finally, we appreciate and fully leverage the importance and ubiquitous nature of technology in the fast and mobile 21st century world our students will graduate into. However, education is a uniquely human enterprise and we honor that by also deeply valuing relationship and putting inspiring faculty in front of your children each and every day.
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