Tartans Have Strong Showing at FIRST Lego League Qualifier

St. Margaret’s FIRST Lego League teams, comprised of Tartans in grades 4-6, performed well at the FLL Qualifier this weekend at Dana Hills High School. All three Tartan teams won awards, and two qualified to go to the FLL Championship at Legoland next month.

The FIRST Lego League program is designed to introduce STEAM and robotics components and explore real-world challenges through the use of Legos. Students met weekly after school to work on their challenges.

The teams were tasked with programming robots to complete a series of missions centered around the space-inspired theme “Into Orbit.” They also had to invent something that would help solve a problem with long-duration space travel. Each team created prototypes and presentations which incorporated virtual-reality content they created.

The list of winners are:

Tartan Storm: Won the CORE Values award for teamwork and collaboration and qualified for the FLL Championship. The team includes Kasra Haghighat, Kameron Haghighat, Gavin Shams, James Gianulias and Drew Ghandehari.

Tactical Tartans: Won the 2nd place award for Robot Performance and the Runner-Up Champion award. They also qualified for the FLL Championship. The team includes Will Viola, Tanner Evanson, Ian Ekvall, Soren Olsen and Drew Otto.

Turbo Tartans: Won the Judges Choice Award out of 14 teams participating, for being a “shining star” team. They will participate in the FLL Cup at Legoland in February. The team includes Timothy Lindenfelse, Brandon Yang, Clarence Liu, Gavin McCarthy, Dylan Otto and Ross Johnson.
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