Upper School Students Practice Standardized Testing During Special School Day

St. Margaret’s Upper School students increased their familiarity with standardized testing this week, as Wednesday’s school day was dedicated to grade 9 students taking the PreACT on campus, and grades 10 and 11 students taking the PSAT.
“As a vigorous college preparatory school, part of our role is to prepare students for the college application process, in which standardized testing is an important component,” said interim Upper School Principal Jeneen Graham. “To increase familiarity with standardized testing, and minimize the stresses surrounding it, we schedule multiple opportunities for our students to practice their testing skills in low-stakes testing environments as part of our academic program.
“We offer our students the opportunity to try both the Pre-ACT and the PSAT so they can become familiar with both tests and make an educated decision when they choose a test for college admission.”
While grades 9-11 were taking their practice test, grade 12 students had a day dedicated to working on their college applications.
In addition to this week’s practice tests, grades 10 and 11 students take part in a standardized test prep session at the beginning of the school year. In grade 11, students work with their college counselor during the fall to develop an SAT/ACT testing plan, including which tests to focus on.
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