St. Margaret’s Sets Up Seismograph as Learning Tool for Earth Science Students

The device monitors local seismic activity and pinpoints the location of earthquakes in the area, and students can access its data through a web link. 
In the Middle School’s grade 6 earth science lab, an intriguing setup with an abundance of wires rests in the corner. The device is always on and always paying attention—and It’s connected to a global network closely monitoring the movement of the Earth below us. 
Last year, St. Margaret’s science department purchased a Raspberry Shake seismograph, which monitors local seismic activity and pinpoints the location of earthquakes in the area. 
“We are monitoring 24/7 from the grade 6 earth science lab,” Middle School science teacher Ashley Baffa said. “Our students are able to access the activity from our seismograph through a web link, so those who are interested can keep an eye on our data anytime they want. It’s been a great learning tool for our students.”
The idea to bring a seismograph to St. Margaret’s was started by a student, Ross Johnson, who’s now in the Upper School. Several years ago, Ross set up a Raspberry Shake seismograph in his home, and shared the details of his setup and some of the recorded data with classmates.
Recognizing the learning opportunities and student interest, the department purchased a Raspberry Shake last school year, and Ross helped set it up in Mrs. Baffa’s classroom. Since then, students have monitored the activity with the seismograph and Mrs. Baffa has plans to introduce it into earth science curriculum in grade 6. 
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