Cross-Divisional Wellness Scavenger Hunt Brings Upper School, Lower School Students Together

Students in the Upper School’s health and human development class collaborated with grade 3 students for an exciting and informative scavenger hunt across campus, with a focus on health and well-being. 
The cross-divisional connection was a lesson designed by personal fitness and wellness teacher Leslie Pacheco-Manning and Lower School spirituality teacher Jessie Akers. It was created as part of St. Margaret’s innovation summer grant program, which encourages teachers from different divisions to collaborate and write curriculum that connects students across multiple age groups through shared learning experiences.
In the Upper School unit, students learned about the many dimensions of health—physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental—and the importance of seeking wellness in all areas of their lives. Those students then met with grade 3 students in Ms. Akers’ spirituality class and led a brief lesson on health and wellness, before embarking on a scavenger hunt across campus.
The scavenger hunt incorporated places and people at St. Margaret’s synonymous with student health and wellness, as well as taking on challenges related to better health and well-being. For example, one challenge involved taking a selfie in front of the weight room, while another involved finding the all-school counselors’ offices. Students could also earn points for picking up litter, recording a video expressing gratitude for something that happened that day, or simply finding something on campus that is an example of positive emotional, spiritual, social, physical, mental or environmental health. 
The health and well-being activity is the latest example of St. Margaret’s professional community seeking out opportunities for students in different divisions to come together for joyful academic activities, a unique benefit of St. Margaret’s Early Childhood School-grade 12 campus.
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