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St. Margaret’s Honors Upper School Achievement During Senior and Junior Awards

St. Margaret’s honored its seniors and juniors and their pursuit of excellence in academics, community and athletics in an Upper School awards ceremony in Hurlbut Theater.
St. Margaret’s honored its seniors and juniors and their pursuit of excellence in academics, community and athletics in an Upper School awards ceremony this week in Hurlbut Theater.
The Upper School faculty awarded academic prizes from distinguished colleges and universities to nine juniors, academic department awards of distinction, and special senior awards that were presented to students in the Class of 2022 by faculty who shared personal remarks about each student.
The complete list of honorees is as follows:

Senior Awards

The Founder’s Award – Recipient: Aiden Momtaz. Awarded to the senior who has maintained the highest grade point average in the class. Presented by Executive Director of Advancement Jonathan Tufo.
Salutatorian Award – Recipient: Trey Kingsley. Awarded to the senior who has maintained the second highest grade point average in the class. Presented by Upper School math teacher Masami Stahr.
The Father Ernest D. SIllers Award – Recipient: Katherine Cruse. Awarded to the senior who has set an example of overall achievement, combining an excellent academic record with exemplary service to the school, citizenship and leadership. Presented by Senior Associate Director of College Counseling Amy Warren.
The Board of Trustees’ Award – Recipient: Sasha Kuljis. Awarded to the senior who has grown the most both as a person and as a student, and has taken advantage of the many opportunities for involvement. Presented by Upper School Director of Community Life Lora Allison and St. Margaret’s Trustee Cathleen Stahl.
St. Margaret’s Award – Recipient: Preston Brinker and Charles Ihara. Awarded to the senior whose academic work is distinguished by the love of scholarship and who, by example, has contributed most to the academic morale of the school. Presented by Upper School Assistant Principal James Harris and math teacher Masami Stahr.
PTF Service Award – Recipient: Emma Bernstein. Awarded to the senior whose leadership embodies the spirit of selflessness through commitment and involvement. Presented by Upper School history teacher Kristina Taylor.
Faculty Achievement Award – Recipient: Autumn Almanza. Awarded to the senior who has maintained high academic standards through an exceptional combination of achievement, resilience and perseverance. Presented by Upper School history teacher Kristina Taylor.
Faculty Plate – Recipient: Xitlalic Rojas. Awarded to the senior who has made the most of their St. Margaret’s experience and who clearly manifests the Latin inscription on the award plate, suo Marte or “by one’s own prowess,” in their years of endeavor in the St. Margaret’s community. Presented by Upper School film teacher Karen Bennett.
Principal’s Cup – Recipient: Dean Woods. Awarded to the senior who has grown to exemplify the ideals of Honor, Diligence and Decency. The senior has questioned the application and meaning of these ideals in their involvement at St. Margaret’s as a student and as a leader, and has made this school a better place by living life courageously, consistently and compassionately. Presented by Upper School Principal Jeneen Graham.

Academic Departmental Honors

A Departmental Book is awarded to seniors who have achieved excellence in an academic discipline.
Latin, presented by Alexandra Jennings: Conrad Kistler
Chinese, presented by Esther Hsu: Katharine James
Spanish, presented by Bryan Cristobal Sullivan: Xitlalic Rojas
Computer Science, presented by Angela Mackenzie: Chloe Lias
History and Social Science, presented by James Harris: Carina Zhang
English, presented by Blake Reemstma: Olivia Ostlund
Math, presented by Elizabeth O’Shea: Charles Ihara
Science, presented by Edmund Herlihy: Preston Brinker
Performing Arts, presented by Chris Carbajal: William Weiss
Visual Arts, presented by Jesse Standlea: Mark Robinson

Junior College Book Awards 

The Harvard Book Prize – Recipient: Alexis Lindenfelser. Awarded to an outstanding junior who exhibits superior academic, personal and extracurricular achievements.
The University of Pennsylvania Book – Recipient: Wyatt Fales. Awarded to a high school junior who best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of Benjamin Franklin—a scholar, innovator and server of the community.
The Princeton Book – Recipient: Devin Thomas. Awarded to an outstanding junior who exhibits intellectual promise and academic excellence; exemplary service or extracurricular activities; and outstanding personal character.
The Saint Lawrence University Book – Recipient: Malcolm Matthew. Awarded to a junior who, like the St. Lawrence University community, values a commitment to the service of others.
The Smith College Book – Recipient: Liesel Blau. Awarded to an outstanding junior female who exemplifies academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concern for others.
The Williams College Book – Recipient: Charlotte Newman. Awarded to a junior who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school.
The Yale Book – Recipient: Tina Mai. Awarded to a junior who demonstrates “lux et veritas,” enlightenment and truth, the motto of Yale College, combining outstanding personal character—the “lux” – with outstanding intellectual promise, the “veritas.”

Junior Awards

Dominic Ondryas Memorial Award – Recipient: Charlotte Quintanar. Awarded to the junior who has exercised leadership during their years at St. Margaret’s and who has shown a willingness to improve the community and the world by leading others through personal example and commitment. Presented by Upper School world history teacher Alexandra Jennings and the Ondryas family.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal-- Recipient: Nadia Momtaz. Awarded to a junior who excels in advance math and science, adheres to rigorous academic standards, and exhibits a well-rounded interest and involvement in the community. Presented by Upper School Math Department Chair Elizabeth O’Shea.

Athletics Awards

CIF Scholar Athletes – Recipients: Celeste Taylor and Aidan Momtaz. Presented by Upper School Director of Athletics Chris Nordstrom
Jon Balak Award – Recipients: Emma Bernstein, Amanda Taylor and Trey Kingsley. Presented by Chris Nordstrom and Lower School teacher Mara Balak.
Athletes of the Year: Recipients: William Stahl and Julia Olosky. Presented by Chris Nordstrom
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