PHOTOS: Grade 5 Students Apply Scientific Method to Engaging In-Class Experiments

St. Margaret’s grade 5 students learned the required aspects of a controlled experiment this week, going through the steps of the scientific method while solving important—and fun—scientific questions.
During the “grade 5 science fair,” the students spread out within and outside of the Lower School Science Lab, equipped with parachutes, sunscreen, paper towels and more. They took on a quick and engaging science experiment of their choosing in small study groups, with choices including:

  • Researching whether the size of a parachute canopy affects the speed of a falling object.
  • Using a small cart on a ramp, researching whether mass affects the energy of a moving object.
  • Comparing the durability of different brands of paper towels.
  • Researching which “water-resistant” sunscreen stays on the best.

“An emphasis was placed on gathering fundamental research information, keeping tight controls on the independent variables, and accurately collecting data,” Lower School science teacher David Beshk said.
Students were seen dropping parachutes from the balcony of the Campaigne Center, stretching paper towels between two tables before loading them with weight, and using a small weighted cart on a ramp to record data on its movements.
No science fair would be complete without the popular display boards, of course, so each student created a mini display complete with graphs and all the major sections of a formal experimental report. In the end, the students had to assess the data gathered to determine whether their initial hypothesis was supported.
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