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Upper School Deepens College Counseling Curriculum for Junior Class with Workshop Series

The college counselors led the first of five planned workshops for the Class of 2023, as the students move closer to the college admissions process.
The Class of 2023 gathered in the Performing Arts Center for an important class meeting with the St. Margaret’s College Counseling Office—the first of several this semester as part of an enhanced curriculum for the junior class.

The college counselors—Director of College Counseling Elise Rodriguez, Senior Associate Director of College Counseling Amy Warren and Associate Director of College Counseling Erica Huerta—led the first of five planned workshops during community time blocks, as the students move closer to the official start of their college admissions process at the beginning of their senior year.

“We felt it was important to have time during the school day built in for the college-admissions process, and the important education around it,” Ms. Rodriguez said.

The first meeting covered a number of topics. The college counselors explained the importance of bringing the entire Class of 2023 together, then introduced the students to a number of items that will be important to their college search, including:
  • An introduction to St. Margaret’s internal data system for college admissions.
  • An introduction and explanation of the junior survey the students will complete, which will help the college counselors as they individualize their guidance to each student.
  • A preview of the Coastline OC Case Studies event, which took place earlier this week, where the junior class and their families learn more about the college admissions process and connect with admission representatives.
  • Insight on the individual attention each student will receive from their designated college counselors over the next year and a half leading up to college matriculation.
The Class of 2023 will come together during the school day five more times this spring for similar educational programs—once in February, once in March, twice in April, and then a full day of college counseling workshops in May ahead of the important summer months before senior year.

The college counseling process at St. Margaret’s formally begins in grade 8 and carries students through to college matriculation. Each year is coordinated and mapped to give students a primary focus to help them prepare, explore a range of activities and define their interests. These workshops are a chance for students to collectively receive important education on the college-admissions process before their senior year, and was quickly embraced by Upper School leadership.

"Dedicating time during the school day for our junior class to engage in this work is an important enhancement to our college-counseling curriculum,” Upper School Principal Jeneen Graham said. “The college counselors are an amazing team and I’m thrilled that they implemented this change beginning with the Class of 2023. These new touchpoints will better prepare our students for the admissions process that awaits them as seniors.”
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