St. Margaret’s Students Honor and Reflect on the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

St. Margaret’s students dedicated time in Chapel this week to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and reflect on his work, which still impacts the world to this day.  

In the Lower School, grade 5 students presented a film they created about Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech from the 1963 March on Washington during Chapel. Lower School Director of Community Life Tupper Spring, in collaboration with Lower School Instructional Assistant and Equity Team member Makenna Henry, worked with students to ask critical questions and engage in thoughtful reflection on Dr. King’s legacy and his most famous speech. The result was a Chapel video featuring excerpts of Dr. King’s speech alongside grade 5 students reflecting on their interpretation and historical context of his words and how they still resonate today. 

“We all have a part of working for a stronger, more loving and fair community,” grade 5 student Victoria Wang said. “We are inspired by the words of Dr. King and hope we can all be a part of making the dream a reality.”

In the Upper School and Middle School chapels, St. Margaret’s Assistant Head of School and Equity & Inclusion Administrative Assistant Destiny Saunders gave an impactful homily reflecting on the life of Dr. King and what his dream means to her.

“To responsibly live the dream, we must spread love and promote justice not only for those who look like us, or have what we have, or live where we live, but for everyone,” Ms. Saunders said. “What MLK’s dream means to me is I have a responsibly to respect everyone in spite of, and in celebration of, our differences.”

The reflections of Dr. King are part of a broader cultural-competency framework led by Director of Equity and Inclusion Victor Cota, the Equity Team, and the professional community to bring age-appropriate context not only to Dr. King’s life and legacy, but also to the important issues he so passionately fought for.

“Dr. King’s life provided us with a complex and lasting legacy. We remember him as a hero, as we rightly should. Yet we must also remember that his work for social justice and his willingness to be vocal for what he believed were not always appreciated and, in fact, resulted in his assassination,” Mr. Cota said. “Here at St. Margaret’s, when we teach about Dr. King and reflect on his impact, we look to do so in a manner that is authentic, historically accurate, age-appropriate, inspirational, and grounded in today’s realities. I am proud of our Tartan educators throughout the school who took time this week to honor Dr. King’s legacy, and process with students how we can continue to march toward equity and justice.”
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