Early Childhood School Students Stomp Grapes in Demonstration Lab Activity

Students in St. Margaret’s Early Childhood School experienced an up-close look at one way to make grape juice—by stomping the grapes from solid to liquid with their feet in the school’s Demonstration Lab. 

Using their own buckets and two bunches of grapes apiece, the students stomped the grapes into juice, observing the change in colors, the transformation of solid to liquid and other concepts beneficial to early-childhood learners in a fun way. 

Early Childhood School Pedagogista Diane Fletcher pursued the idea after a classmate’s anecdote led to widespread student interest in grape stomping. The students listened to a lesson via Zoom from St. Margaret’s parent Lindsey Almquist, who has previously taken part in grape stomping as part of communion.

“Our students used all their senses in this process, and had a lot of fun doing so,” Mrs. Fletcher said. “During the grape stomping, we talked about nature, taking care of the Earth and the different ways people practice traditions, honoring each other and our gifts.”

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