Campus Improvements Underway This Summer!

St. Margaret’s facilities team has already begun work on several exciting campus improvement projects for next school year that will enrich the daily educational experience for students.
Continuing on the renovation of Lower School and Upper School classrooms in recent years, the Preschool campus will undergo a major renovation to all interior classrooms as well as improved features to the Ingrid S. Andrews Outdoor Classroom. A beautiful campus gate entrance and welcome center also will be constructed at the main campus gate along La Novia, further enhancing campus safety and security efforts. Additionally, a new facilities and maintenance building will be constructed to support campus facilities and transportation services. This structure will be built in the northeastern corner of campus adjacent to the Performing Arts Center parking lot, replacing existing storage facilities.
Summer at St. Margaret’s programs, normal campus access and school business hours will be unaffected by the improvement projects, with the exception of the Preschool building. Preschool Director Cris Lozon and her team will temporarily relocate to Wallace Hall for the summer, while 2019 Preschool summer camps will take place on the Chalmers Field and in the Campaigne Center. Summer at St. Margaret’s program coordinators will communicate specific drop-off and pick-up details in advance via email.
Renovation of the Preschool campus and the new campus entrance are scheduled to be completed by the opening of the 2019-2020 school year.
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