PHOTOS: Business Day Brings Entrepreneurial Spirit to Grade 3

There was popcorn for sale in one corner of the marketplace, a paper-airplane table with several different designs, a snow-cone stand, a raffle-ticket table, an origami shop and much more.
Business day had its latest iteration in the grade 3 classrooms last week. It’s an energetic introduction to entrepreneurship that builds skills in problem-solving, interpersonal communications, math and more.
“Business day is an opportunity for the students to become an entrepreneur and create and develop a product,” grade 3 teacher Mick Vollmer said. “Students learn to appreciate the value of their hard work, and we really enjoy the community element of this day as we all open our doors to each other, other teachers and some older students.”
As business day approaches, students are given an application to fill out for their business idea. On the application they have to describe the name of their business, what they are making, how many products they will bring, how much each product will cost, and how they will pay (with real money) to make the product. Students are encouraged to do chores to earn the upfront costs, or make the product by hand.
On the day of the event, fellow students and visitors use pretend money to go into each of the classrooms and browse the businesses that are set up. Students are behind their tables giving their best sales pitch, explaining their product and why it is a must-have.

Business day takes place twice a year.
“It really is a fun day for the students,” said grade 3 teacher Penny Mateer. “They look forward to it from the moment they arrive in August until the first business day happens in December. Then, from January until May all we hear is, ‘When is the next business day?’”
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