PHOTOS: Upper School Musical Into the Woods Receives High Acclaim

St. Margaret’s Upper School students performed four memorable showings of the musical Into the Woods last week. The story is a collision of several fairy tales including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel.

The musical featured a cast of 22 students, and was directed by Dan Pacheco, musically directed by Stacey Miles and enlisted a MS and US student orchestra of more than 50 performers who were conducted by Gene Wie. Shea Tomaselli, grade 11, stage managed the production with help from Stephanie Amoukhteh, grade 12, and Brennan Mafi, grade 11. The assistant music directors were Gilbert Chung, grade 12, and Chloe Thompson, grade 8.

The entire set was designed to make video projections possible to the amazement of audience members. St. Margaret’s film teacher Karen Bennett worked closely with Technical Director and Resident Designer Gordon Richins to include visual projections and animations such as the woods, the beanstalk, and even the giant reaching down and picking up the narrator. The cast interacted with the video projections such as when the actors moved to avoid the giant’s foot.  

Cappies critics from local high schools who attended the final performance wrote reviews praising the cast for its impressive achievements in their acting, singing and storytelling. Mathew Garrett, a high school critic from Anaheim touched upon the overarching messages from the musical. He says, “Into the Woods is an entertaining journey that reminds us that stories have power. The stories we tell can harm as well as heal, and as the Witch reminds us, the children will listen.”

Click here to view the official playbill, and click here to view the official poster.
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