PTF Parent Up Speaker Series

Performing Arts Center - Marcus D. Hurlbut Theater - 1000
The PTF Parent Up Speaker Series will present Mallika Chopra, author of Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement and More written for 8-12 year olds and parent reading Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy.
Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve? What am I grateful for?

These four questions have anchored Mallika Chopra’s journey. As kids, her father (Deepak Chopra) would ask Mallika and her brother to intuitively explore these questions, and now she uses them in the meditations she leads to help guide people to know their intentions and deepest desires.

She is am a mother, entrepreneur, author and public speaker and feels very lucky to have an opportunity to share her ideas through her books, articles, and to audiences around the world through her speaking engagements.

Her new book, "Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement and More" is an illustrated guide for children, 8-12 years old. In the book, she shares simple techniques that she learned as a child from her parents, and refined as a mom with two kids. She believes that if we can empower kids with techniques to find calm, react mindfully, and authentically know themselves, we can alleviate some of the anxiety and stress that is ever present in our current culture.

Her last book, "Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy," provided her with many opportunities to connect with people through speaking engagements, meditations, and in publications such as Time, Prevention, OWN, Women’s Health and many more.

Please know that the main central school gate on La Novia will be accessible, but all other vehicle gates may be closed after 8:30 a.m. You may park in all authorized school parking lots, only. The Calle Arroyo lot (adjacent to the school) will be available, as well as limited parking in authorized school spaces in the Ortega Village Center (please do not park in the student parking lot). All pedestrian gates (P4, 5, 11, 12 and 13) will be open from 7 a.m. until 10:20 a.m., except for the US Pedestrian gates (P7-9). Please see the school map for the parking and pedestrian gate locations.

Importantly, please do not park in any of the adjacent business parking lots in the Ortega Village Center or in the Ortega Office Cottages located on Calle Arroyo across from campus. The property managers have informed the school that they will tow unauthorized parked cars.

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