PTF Parent Up Speaker Series

Performing Arts Center - Marcus D. Hurlbut Theater - 1000
Each year the PTF works with the school leaders to identify engaging speakers for parent education. This year's series has a health and wellness theme with our final speaker in the series emphasizing the psychological journey of being a student today. .Come listen to Dr. Michael Thompson, author of The Pressured Child: Helping Your Child Achieve Success in School and in Life.
In his presentation, Dr. Thompson will discuss the psychological journey children experience during their 13 years in school as they constantly search for three things: connection, recognition and a sense of power. Listen as he talks about topics in his book, The Pressured Child: Helping Your Child Find Success in School and in Life, written to help parents understand the complex emotional journey children undergo from kindergarten to grade 12. Themes will include best friends and worst enemies, the emotional challenges awaiting students at college, and how parents can reconnect after separation or absenteeism.

Dr. Thompson is a consultant, author and psychologist specializing in children and families. He is the supervising psychologist for the Belmont Hill School and has worked in more than 700 schools across the United States, as well as in international schools.

Dr. Thompson will be leading small group discussions for those wishing to continue the dialogue and ask follow-up questions from 2 – 4 p.m. in the Wallace Hall Board Room (same building where the Business Office and PTF reside). Please feel welcome to join the discussion at any tiime.

A reception will be held at 8:15 a.m. with coffee and light refreshments. Don’t miss out on a chance to hear thought-provoking and intriguing discussion.

Please know that the main central school gate on La Novia will be accessible, but all other vehicle gates may be closed after 8:30 a.m. You may park in all authorized school parking lots, only. The Calle Arroyo lot (adjacent to the school) will be available, as well as limited parking in authorized school spaces in the Ortega Village Center (please do not park in the student parking lot). All pedestrian gates (P4, 5, 11, 12 and 13) will be open from 7 a.m. until after the event, except for the US Pedestrian gates (P7-9). Please see the school map for the parking and pedestrian gate locations.

Importantly, please do not park in any of the adjacent business parking lots in the Ortega Village Center or in the Ortega Office Cottages located on Calle Arroyo across from campus. The property managers have informed the school that they will tow unauthorized parked cars. 
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