Early Childhood School Tunes In to Live Hatching of Baby Chicks

St. Margaret’s Early Childhood School students have experienced the life cycle of baby chickens up close even during remote learning this spring.
More than 15 eggs have been incubating at the home of Early Childhood School teacher Isabela Valle, and a livestream video has given students the opportunity to tune in to the progress of the hatching at any time.
The chicks started hatching on Friday, the end of a 21-day cycle which early childhood students learn all about as they anticipate the arrival.
“In the appointments, teachers have been discussing the cycle of chicks with the children, who are eager to see them hatch,” Mrs. Valle said.
The first two chicks hatched early Friday morning with more than a dozen eggs still left.
St. Margaret’s keeps the chicks for a couple of weeks after they hatch before returning them back to Wagon Train in Orange, where the chicks are then placed on a farm.

The hatching of baby chicks is an annual event in the Early Childhood School, but remote learning this spring brought a new challenge. Presenting a livestream through the school's Library of Invitations portal became a popular alternative.

“The children have been sharing anticipation and excitement over the eggs hatching, asking questions like ‘What color will they be?’ and ‘How long will it take for them to crack out of their shell?’” Mrs. Valle said. This wonder from children encourages deep critical thinking skills that allow them to look beyond the basic life cycle of the chicks but to think from an empathetic perspective.”
You can view the livestream of the baby chicks at the link
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