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  • Middle School Teams Have Impressive Finishes at Weekend Competitions

    Posted October 15, 2015

    Middle School cross country, football and volleyball teams braved the elements this weekend to take home some impressive finishes in each respective sport.

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  • Fall Season Begins!

    Posted October 6, 2015

    After shaking off the summer dust and going through team selections the first part of September the middle school sports teams have begun league play and with seventeen teams it is certainly a full fall schedule. The turf, gym and fields are busy each PE block with our 16 teams and well over 200 athletes working on individual fundamental skills along with team dynamics. It has been awesome to watch many of our students participate and enjoying a sport for the very first time while the leadership of our more experienced athletes is evident each and every contest.

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  • Back-to-Back Championships for Middle School Sports Teams

    By Lori Fava, Middle School Athletic Coordinator
    Posted May 20, 2015

    The Middle School sports spring season culminated last week with the Mountain “A” boys’ volleyball and Large School “A” co-ed soccer teams both capturing back-to-back championship banners. The success of not only these two teams, but two other league titles, made for a very exciting and fun-filled spring sports season.

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Recent Scores

From Friday, January 22 thru Friday, February 12

Thu Feb 11
Boys Basketball B Linaweaver28Win
St. Anne's25
Boys Basketball A Barbee43Win
Mission School25
Girls Basketball B Cuda15Win
St. Anne's6
Tue Feb 09
Boys Basketball A Carmer42Win
Mission Viejo Christian34
Boys Basketball B Linaweaver33Win
Mission Viejo Christian31
Girls Lacrosse A6Win
St. Mary's5
Boys Basketball B Barbee22Win
Mission Hills Christian8
Boys Basketball B Maga19Win
St. Mary's12
Girls Basketball B Cuda16Win
Mission Viejo Christian6
Girls Basketball A Fava33Win
Mission Viejo Christian6
Girls Lacrosse B3Loss
Serra Catholic10
Mon Feb 08
Boys Lacrosse B10Win
Aliso Viejo Christian School2
Boys Basketball B Maga18Loss
St. Catherine's30
Boys Basketball A Maga24Loss
St. Margaret's26
Boys Basketball A Barbee26Win
St. Margaret's24
Fri Feb 05
Boys Basketball A Carmer53Win
St. Anne's21
Girls Basketball A Fava17Loss
St. Anne's28
Boys Basketball A Marmelstein33Win
Saddleback Valley Christian13
Thu Feb 04
Boys Basketball A Marmelstein55Win
St. Mary's16
Boys Basketball B Linaweaver28Loss
St. Mary's48
Girls Basketball B Cuda12Loss
St. Mary's15
Boys Basketball B Barbee21Win
St. Mary's8
Wed Feb 03
Boys Basketball A Carmer37Win
St. Edward's26
Boys Lacrosse A7Win
St. Mary's1
Boys Basketball A Marmelstein45Win
St. John's Episcopal26
Girls Basketball A Fava29Win
St. Edward's10
Boys Lacrosse B14Win
St. Anne's0
Boys Basketball B Maga17Win
St. Margaret's14
Boys Basketball B Barbee14Loss
St. Margaret's17
Tue Feb 02
Boys Basketball A Barbee22Win
St. Mary's8
Boys Basketball B Linaweaver24Loss
St. Mary's36
Boys Basketball A Maga20Win
St. Catherine's13
Girls Basketball B Cuda11Loss
St. Mary's12
Girls Basketball A Boyle9Loss
Our Lady of Fatima25
Girls Lacrosse A11Win
St. Mary's8
Mon Feb 01
Boys Basketball B Linaweaver23Win
St. John's Episcopal22
Boys Basketball A Marmelstein33Win
Serra Catholic10
Boys Lacrosse A4Loss
Serra Catholic7
Boys Basketball B Barbee13Loss
St. Catherine's29
Girls Basketball B Cuda26Win
St. John's Episcopal4
Boys Lacrosse B8Win
Serra Catholic5
Fri Jan 29
Boys Basketball A Carmer40Win
St. Mary's37
Boys Basketball A Marmelstein33Win
Saddleback Valley Christian10
Girls Basketball A Fava24Loss
St. Mary's28
Thu Jan 28
Girls Lacrosse B4Loss
St. Mary's9
Girls Lacrosse A10Win
Serra Catholic4
Wed Jan 27
Boys Basketball A Maga32Win
Mission School17
Boys Basketball A Barbee22Win
St. Catherine's9
Boys Basketball B Linaweaver19Loss
Serra Catholic52
Boys Lacrosse A6Win
St. Anne's2
Girls Basketball A Boyle3Loss
Our Lady of Fatima16
Girls Basketball B Cuda20Loss
Serra Catholic21
Boys Lacrosse B8Win
St. Mary's0
Boys Basketball B Barbee13Tie
St. Margaret's13
Boys Basketball B Maga13Tie
St. Margaret's13
Tue Jan 26
Boys Basketball A Carmer34Loss
Serra Catholic36
Boys Basketball A Maga29Win
St. Mary's8
Boys Basketball B Linaweaver28Win
St. Anne's18
Girls Basketball A Fava21Loss
Serra Catholic28
Girls Basketball B Cuda26Win
St. Anne's16
Girls Basketball A Boyle8Loss
Aliso Viejo Christian School28
Girls Lacrosse AWin
St. Margaret's
Girls Lacrosse BLoss
St. Margaret's
Mon Jan 25
Boys Lacrosse A6Win
St. Edward's0
Boys Basketball A Marmelstein51Win
St. Anne's15
Boys Lacrosse B10Win
St. John's Episcopal4
Boys Basketball A Maga16Win
St. Margaret's10
Boys Basketball A Barbee10Loss
St. Margaret's16
Fri Jan 22
Girls Basketball A Boyle10Loss
Our Lady of Fatima26